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Whether you are planning to alter, extend or build a new house it's important that before you start your project, you understand what steps are required to achieve your desired outcome. Oxbridge Design's Architectural Technicians and Structural and Civil Engineers are able to assist with various stages of the process from initial design to structural calculations to onsite advise. To help you understand what we'll offer you we have detailed some of the services below.


First Free Consultation

During our first site visit one of our senior Architectural Technician and Engineer will spend time with you to discuss your full requirements and the feasibility of your project based on our onsite assessment.


Measured Survey

We will re-visit the site and completed a full measured survey including required details such as construction materials, proximity of trees and neighbouring buildings, drainage routes and structural loading paths of the existing structure.




After completing the survey and drawing all existing details of the site we will complete the initial scheme design based on your requirements. We will send all drawings to you for your feedback and discuss any required alterations or additions to ensure the design fulfils you expectations.



 Application Submission

Once the design meets your approval we will submit the required planning application along with our prepared drawings and other required documents and form depending on the type of planning application. During the process of the Planning Application we will liaise with the Planning Officer on your behalf to ensure a smooth progress.


Building Regulations and Construction Drawings

Once Planning Permission has been received we will prepare a full packages of construction drawings, details and specifications. These drawings include all technical information to be sure the proposal meets current Building Control standards and are sufficient for your chosen Contractor.


Structural and Civil Engineering

In addition to the to the full construction drawing package one of our fully qualified Engineer’s will prepare all required Structural and Civil engineering design, details and calculations. This engineering design is complete in conjunction with the Construction drawings there reducing the overall time frame of design and eliminating the requirement for a Third Party Engineer.


Building Control Submission

We will collate all the Construction drawings, Engineering design and any specialist aspects that may be required, which we will advise you of in advance, and submit the Building Control application. Similarly to the Planning application we will liaise with the Building Control officer on your behalf to ensure all required information is provided and approved.


Construction and Contractors

As we have many years experience in varying locations we are able to provide recommendations for suitable contractor depending on your location, prosed development and budget. We also provide telephone and email advice throughout the duration of the construction free or charge and are always able to conduct site inspections by either one of our Architectural Technicians or Engineers when required.


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